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Leading Global Manufacturer of Teeth Whitening Products

Innovation, Production, Quality - Empowering Brand Success

Huaer Dental is a specialized manufacturer focused on teeth whitening product lines. Renowned for professionalism, quality, and effectiveness, we've garnered praise from clients worldwide. 

Since 2006, we've been dedicated to teeth whitening product-related endeavors. Certified by ISO, CE, FDA, CPSR, MSDS, SGS, we meet global standards for teeth whitening products. 

With our own 100,000-level factory and QC laboratory, Huaer Dental ensures the safety and efficacy of your OEM/ODM products.

  • Unleashing Innovation

    Unleashing Innovation

    Leveraging Our Cutting-Edge 10,000-grade Laboratory and Expert R&D Team, Headed by Dr. Sai, to Continuously Innovate and Optimize Products for Enhanced Comfort and Superior Results.

  • Boosting Your Business with Advanced Manufacturing

    Boosting Your Business with Advanced Manufacturing

    A State-of-the-Art Facility, Immaculate GMP Cleanroom, and 14 Production Lines Ensure Speedy Product Delivery in Full Compliance and Security, Anchored by Our 100,000-Level GMP Dust-Free Clean Workshop.

  • Showcasing Our Customization Prowess

    Showcasing Our Customization Prowess

    With a Seasoned Design Team, We Rapidly Craft Logos and Packaging Tailored to Your Brand's Vision and Style. Our Insight into Global Regulations Ensures Compliance, Facilitating Market Access and Product Registration.

Customer Service


Customer Service

Our dedicated team provides personalized attention to every client, ensuring your needs are met with precision and care.

Expert Design Team


Expert Design Team

Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, our design experts craft innovative and captivating solutions tailored to your brand's identity and vision.

Own Factory


Own Factory

With our state-of-the-art facility, we maintain full control over the manufacturing process, guaranteeing consistent quality and efficient turnaround times.




Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging materials, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations while maintaining product style and aesthetics.

Tailored Logistics


Tailored Logistics

Leveraging our extensive network, we offer tailored logistics solutions to optimize delivery times and minimize costs, ensuring your products reach their destination swiftly and securely.

  • Dr. Smith's US Dental Clinic Whitening Kit

    In 2021, Dr. Smith, a busy US dentist, chose our professional whitening kit. FDA-approved, it seamlessly integrated into his services. Positive feedback fueled demand, ensuring Dr. Smith's clinic leads in dental care.

    Dr. Smith's US Dental Clinic Whitening Kit

    Dr. Smith

    Dr. Smith

  • US Teeth Whitening Strips Brand

    In 2022, a leading US brand collaborated with us to develop their own line of whitening strips. With tailored formulations and packaging solutions, they swiftly gained market traction, showcasing the success of our collaboration. Together, we innovate in

    US Teeth Whitening Strips Brand

    Omar Rmeiha

    Omar Rmeiha

  • Very nice home kit teeth whitening product

    We are just try using your home kit teeth whitening that we ordered as samples,we are very satisfied with this product. So we decide to make it as OEM product to our brand.

    Very nice home kit teeth whitening product

    Swiftie Lee

    Swiftie Lee

  • Mr. Archibald's Teeth Whitening Journey

    In 2023, UK clothing trader Mr. Archibald discovered our teeth whitening strips online, leading to his first order. With our help, he secured a bid with an international Cosmetic Motion Chain Store in 2016, tripling his sales and expanding his product lin

    Mr. Archibald's Teeth Whitening Journey

    Hayley Brookes

    Hayley Brookes

  • French Teeth Whitening Machine Distributor

    A reputable French distributor of dental products partnered with us to offer our teeth whitening machine to their clients. After rigorous testing, they were impressed by the quality and effectiveness of our machine. They confidently recommended our produc

    French Teeth Whitening Machine Distributor

    Gillian Kemmerer

    Gillian Kemmerer

  • Teeth whitening Kit with OEM service

    Partnering with us, a top UK brand expanded their product line with a bespoke PAP kit. Its successful launch boosted sales and brand recognition. Now, they're poised for further growth through our ongoing collaboration.

    Teeth whitening Kit with OEM service

    Cassie Soto

    Cassie Soto

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