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Luxsmile Will Help You !

Luxsmile will lead you to start your teeth whitening business and help you on the road to success. Luxsmile is hatched in the leading brand of tooth whitening, Huaer Dental. Huaer Dental has 18 years of experience in R&D, production and sales of teeth whitening products, which are sold in more than 150 countries. Accumulating good market experience is the best choice for your teeth whitening business

Luxsmile is a brand focused on providing teeth whitening, we have a team of experienced  ready to help you succeed

Why Choose Teeth Whitening Business?


Before starting a business, you first need to understand the market demand for the business, which is the foundation of your business success!

The global teeth whitening market size was estimated at USD 6.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2022 to 2030. With an increase in the population opting for the improvement of dental aesthetics, this industry has undergone great advancements. Developing countries have generated a large amount of disposable income which is the main reason why the market is flourishing. 

In 2021, as global teeth whitening market share

With the popularity of film and television dramas, the aesthetics of screen actors are constantly affecting the public's aesthetics. The bright white smiles of the stars have also become the pursuit of men, women and children.

According to a survey conducted in the U.K. in 2018, more women opt for Teeth whitening due to motivational factors, such as self-esteem, life satisfaction, & self-related physical attractiveness, and all these women had one similarity, they had high media exposure. These factors have led people to opt for beautification and restorative procedures like teeth whitening, which is drive the growth of the market

99.7% of Americans consider a smile to be their most important social asset. Here's why teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental requests today.

Teeth whitening market value in increasing year by year in the United States


Tooth whitening is a great business because of the low investment and high profit margins.

Join Luxsmile, we will provide you with the best price, the best quality products. Reduce your risk costs and start your teeth whitening career at low cost or free!

Luxsmile offers multiple modes for you to use, and different modes offer different profits. There is always a teeth whitening business that is right for you!

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Why choose Luxsmile

Luxsmule teeth whitening products no animal testing, vegan, environmental protection, health

     Luxsmile brand introduction     

Luxsmile brand is rooted in the concept of global environmental protection, focuses on global environmental issues, and makes its own contribution to our planet behind a beautiful smile.

Luxsmile brand was born under the background of mature product operation. It began to produce teeth whitening products in 2006. In the course of professional R&D, Luxsmile gradually determined the positioning and direction of teeth whitening products.

---possess a strong enough research ability

Luxsmile has its own R&D laboratory and a professional R&D team of more than 20 people headed by Dr. Sai. The whitening gel formula has undergone extensive laboratory testing. While ensuring the whitening effect, it pays attention to the safety and stability of the product, and has been well received by many customers.

---integrated industry chain

At Luxsmile, you will find everything you need to run your teeth whitening business and supply your customers effectively. We have the widest and most complete range of teeth whitening products in the industry.

---Complete qualification certificates

Complete qualification certificates are the guarantee of our enterprise strength. Rich industry experience allows us to clearly understand what product qualifications are required in different countries, which can effectively help my partners to quickly clear customs and obtain local or platform sales and use qualifications.

---Have a keen business sense

Our business team communicates with hundreds of customers every day, and can quickly understand the market needs of different countries. We can gain insight into the market for the first time, face market demand, continue to innovate, and develop tooth whitening products that meet consumer preferences.

---No Minimum Order

We will give your order the same level of customer service whether small or large, and we have no minimum orders. We do have price breaks for various quantities.


We have been helping our dealers succeed since our inception. We know this industry better than any other company because we are involved in every link from production to sales to commercial customers and even actually deliver teeth whitening products and services to consumers. We know what works best in what markets, what products and services, and we share our wealth of knowledge in the teeth whitening business with you to ensure your success. 

Have a question and need help? Please click here to contact us! 

luxsmile love teeth, love earth more,Display of LUXSMILE tooth whitening products

Become a Luxsmile Distributor

A variety of profit models for you to choose

In order to better meet the requirements of customers, our cooperation model is no longer limited to the traditional B2B, and add a variety of more flexible cooperation modes.

LUXSMILE has different supply models for different types of dealers

     Commission mode     

Cooperation pattern:

1. Become a member of our alliance, as long as someone buys products through your link, we will give you a certain percentage of commission.

2. Internet celebrity cooperation, send samples to you. The settlement fee can be paid by the amount of the order placed or the number of promotions based on the promotion effect.


For the crowd:

Internet celebrity, social media savvy.


     Dropship mode     

Cooperation pattern: One or more pieces are shipped from our factory to the final consumer. The advantage is that there is no inventory pressure and no supply chain troubles.


For the crowd:

E-commerce customer, Ebay, Amazon


     Dealer mode     

Cooperation pattern: As a special distributor of Luxsmile, responsible for the operation and management of the regional brand.

Advantages: There are corresponding preferential prices according to different grades, and at the same time cooperate with the design professional material promotion and marketing strategy support.


     TIKTOK mode     

Cooperation pattern:

1. Become the operating agent of Luxsmile brand on TIKTOK in the region. Responsible for local marketing

2. Cooperate with anchors with huge following

Orders are placed through TIKTOK, and the commission is divided according to the order volume. We are responsible for shipping.

     Our Contact Details     

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