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OEM/ODM Whitening Kits

Custom Teeth Whitening Solutions

Elevate Your Brand, Whiten Your Customers' Smiles

We specialize in developing and producing high-quality home teeth whitening kits. With cutting-edge technology and strict quality control, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services. Whether you have an established brand or are just starting out, we can meet your unique needs.


Global Leader In Teeth Whitening 

Products And Custom Solutions

Leads The Industry In Popularity Of Home Kits


Effectively Whiten Teeth

Our HUAER DENTAL home teeth whitening kit is your solution for achieving noticeably whiter teeth effectively and reliably. Here's why our kit stands out:

 ※ Proven Whitening Power: Experience effective teeth whitening with our specially formulated gel, meticulously crafted to break down stains and reveal a brighter smile.

 ※ Verified Results: Rest assured with our third-party teeth whitening efficacy reports. These reports provide independent verification of our product's whitening effectiveness, ensuring transparency and credibility.


Gentle Whitening without Sensitivity

Our secret? We've added special anti-sensitivity and repair factors to our formula, ensuring gentle whitening without that uncomfortable acidic feeling.

93% of customers agree: after using our product, their teeth are noticeably brighter and not sensitive. We've specifically included potassium nitrate for sensitivity relief and hydroxyapatite (HAP) particles for repair, so you can achieve a dazzling smile without worrying about sensitivity. It's gentle on your gums and even suitable for sensitive teeth!


Make Your Brand Shine Brighter

Create Custom Teeth Whitening Kits That Sparkle

At HUAER DENTAL, our customizable teeth whitening kits offer unparalleled flexibility. You can freely combine different products to create a kit that perfectly suits your brand's needs. Our expert packaging design services ensure that every detail, from the inside out, reflects your brand's unique identity. We help you design and produce a bespoke teeth whitening kit that not only delivers exceptional results but also stands out in the market.

Product Customization‍

☆Key Ingredient Whitening Gel: Choose from various whitening ingredients and customize different flavors. Tailor the whitening pen or syringe shell to your brand's style.

☆Whitening Lamp: Choose from a variety of options, waterproof, stylish shapes, and customizable lamp bead quantity.


☆ Desensitizing Gel: Optional desensitizing gel available for customizing a home teeth whitening kit specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

☆ Color Guide & User Manual: Customize disposable tooth color guides with your private logo, multiple colors, and customizable color light quantities. Custom-printed user manuals in your brand's colors, logo, language, and size.


☆ Custom Packaging Box: Exquisite packaging boxes that showcase your brand's charm. We offer free design support for fully customized packaging boxes.


Ingredient Customization‍

Our whitening gel can be customized with HP, CP, non-peroxide, PAP.

Detailed Ingredient Customization:

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP): This popular whitening agent is widely used in the United States and Canada for its effective whitening properties.

Carbamide Peroxide (CP): Commonly used in Europe and Australia, CP breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, offering a gentle yet effective whitening experience.

Non-Peroxide: Perfect for customers in regions with stringent regulations on peroxide content, such as the UK and parts of Asia. Non-peroxide formulas provide gentle whitening without compromising results.

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP): Known for its strong oxidizing properties, PAP is gaining popularity in regions like Japan and South Korea, offering advanced whitening results for discerning customers.



Succeed with Huaer Dental

We Understand Every Customer's Needs

At HUAER DENTAL, we leverage our extensive experience to provide customized solutions for each type of client. Whether you're a brand owner, e-commerce retailer, distributor, or supermarket, we have the expertise and flexibility to meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive support includes product customization, certification assurance, marketing resources, and more, ensuring your success in the competitive teeth whitening market.


Brand Owners:

Tailored Customization: Create products specifically designed for your brand.

COA Certification: Each batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis, ensuring high-quality products that enhance your brand's reputation.

R&D Support: We provide formulation development and improvement to meet your innovative needs.

Certification Assurance: Ensuring product safety and effectiveness in global markets.

Confidentiality Agreements: Guarantee the confidentiality of our partnership.

E-commerce and Retail Clients:

Custom Eco-friendly Packaging: We offer customizable small-size packaging to help you save costs.

One-stop Service: From production to shipping, providing maximum price competitiveness.

Digital Marketing Support: Suppliers should offer digital marketing resources like images, videos, and user reviews to boost online sales.

Certification Support: FDA, CE, CPSR, MSDS, and stability test reports ensure global platform access.


Bulk Supply: With a stable raw material inventory and strong production capacity, we guarantee bulk supply to meet the demands of your extensive sales network and consumers.

Fast Turnaround and Restocking: Quickly respond to restocking needs, ensuring your shelves are always stocked.

Compliance Support: Ensure all products meet local regulations and provide necessary compliance documents and certifications.


What Our Clients Say

When we were looking for a new supplier for our teeth whitening brand, HUAER DENTAL won us over with their outstanding product quality and professional service. They not only provided high-quality teeth whitening products but also offered expert support and advice every step of the way. HUAER DENTAL has become our long-term supplier, and we are extremely satisfied with the partnership.


As a beauty company expanding into the teeth whitening market, we needed a supplier who understands our local market needs. HUAER DENTAL perfectly understood our market demands and certification requirements, helping us quickly establish our teeth whitening business. Their expertise and attentive service have enabled us to achieve remarkable results in a short time. HUAER DENTAL is an indispensable partner for us.



You can Always Trust Us

☺ Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control guarantees products of the highest standards, from ingredient selection to manufacturing processes.

☺ Customization Expertise: We offer extensive customization options, empowering brands to create unique products tailored to their audience's needs.

☺ Innovative Solutions: Our commitment to innovation ensures we stay ahead, offering cutting-edge technologies and formulations that exceed market expectations.

☺ Transparency and Compliance: Adhering to strict regulatory standards, our transparent processes and thorough testing ensure compliance and peace of mind.

☺ Proven Track Record: With a history of success, we've earned trust globally, delivering consistently high-quality products and reliable service.

☺ Responsive Customer Support: Our dedicated team ensures seamless communication and assistance, from initial inquiries to post-sales support.


The Technological Trendsetter Of Teeth Whitening Industry

In the home teeth whitening industry, we are constantly innovating, developing over 20 new products each year, and setting new trends in teeth whitening ingredients. Our R&D team is led by Dr. Sai, who has extensive experience in product development with renowned Korean cosmetic brands and has published multiple industry articles on international platforms.

Our R&D team consists of over 20 professionals and has provided custom services for more than 300 well-known brands. With our top-notch R&D capabilities, we offer optimized formulations and customized product services to ensure continuous product innovation.

What You Get by Choosing HUAER DENTAL:

1. Continuous Innovation: Over 20 new products annually to keep your offerings at the forefront of the market.

2. Professional R&D Support: A top-tier team led by Dr. Sai, providing first-class research and technical support.

3. Extensive Customization Experience: Expertise in serving over 300 brands, accurately meeting your personalized needs.

4. Optimized Formulations: Delivering high-quality formulas based on the latest research and market demands.

5. Rapid Product Iteration: Continuously introducing new products to help you stay competitive and maintain freshness in the market.

6. By choosing HUAER DENTAL, you gain access to high-quality, innovative products and robust R&D support, ensuring you meet market demands and enhance your brand's competitiveness.


Factory Excellence at HUAER DENTAL

At HUAER DENTAL, we believe that high-quality products come from strict production control and high standards in craftsmanship. Our factory's capabilities enable us to consistently deliver top-tier teeth whitening products.

Our Commitment:

√ Stringent Quality Control

From raw material procurement to final product shipment, every step is strictly monitored to ensure each product meets the highest quality standards.

√ Advanced Production Equipment

With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we efficiently produce high-quality products, ensuring consistency and stability.

√ Experienced Production Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with rigorous training, capable of handling complex production demands and ensuring precision in every detail.

√ Comprehensive Testing System

Each batch undergoes strict quality tests, including component analysis and efficacy testing, to ensure product safety and effectiveness.

√ Eco-Friendly Production Standards

We adhere to environmental regulations, using eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize our environmental impact, offering you green and safe products.

√ Flexible Production Capabilities

Whether it's large-scale production or small-batch customization, we can adapt to meet diverse customer needs and respond swiftly to market changes.


By Choosing HUAER DENTAL, You Get:

Reliable Product Quality: Meticulous control over every production step ensures excellent final products.

Efficient Production Cycle: Advanced equipment and technology ensure efficient production and shorter lead times.

Custom Services: Our flexible production capabilities allow us to offer personalized products tailored to your needs.

Environmental Commitment: We are dedicated to green production, providing you with eco-friendly and safe product options.

Rigorous Quality Assurance at HUAER DENTAL

Precision Control · High-Quality Assurance · Customer Satisfaction 

At HUAER DENTAL, our quality inspection process covers every production stage to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products. Our goal is to provide you with the best teeth whitening products through stringent quality control.


Incoming Material Inspection:
Every batch of raw materials undergoes rigorous inspection upon arrival. We ensure that all materials meet our high standards, guaranteeing purity and accuracy from the source. Our QC team conducts detailed analysis and testing on each material to ensure their purity, composition, and performance, laying a solid foundation for subsequent production processes.

Initial Production Check:
At the start of production, we perform a thorough check on the first batch of products to ensure the accuracy of the manufacturing process and formulation. This sets a high standard for the entire production process, ensuring that every subsequent product meets specifications. Through this initial check, we can identify and correct potential issues, ensuring consistency and stability during mass production.

In-Process Inspection:
During production, our QC team conducts regular inspections at set intervals. By monitoring the production process in real-time, we promptly identify and rectify any issues, ensuring consistency and stability across all batches. This inspection process includes checking the products, monitoring production equipment, and ensuring the production environment remains optimal.

Final Product Inspection:
All finished products undergo a final inspection before leaving the factory. Our QC team conducts a comprehensive check to ensure each product meets our quality standards. Only products that pass this final inspection are released to the market, ensuring they meet customer expectations. This includes checking the product's appearance, functionality, packaging, and labeling to ensure they maintain the highest quality during logistics and sales.

Global Market Access

At HUAER DENTAL, our products and factory are certified to international standards, providing you with peace of mind and helping you stand out in the global teeth whitening market.


Product Certifications:

Our teeth whitening products have passed multiple stringent international certifications, ensuring their safety and effectiveness, including FDA, CE, and ISO certifications. These certifications ensure your products can sell smoothly in markets like the USA and Europe, making it easier to expand your global sales channels and enhance your brand's competitiveness.

Factory Certifications:

Our factory has also achieved several international certifications, ensuring our production processes meet global standards, including GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 22716 certifications. These certifications guarantee product quality and safety, ensuring your orders are delivered on time and your brand grows steadily in the market.

By choosing HUAER DENTAL, you benefit from globally recognized high-quality products and production guarantees, helping you earn market trust, solidify your brand's position, and achieve long-term sustainable development.


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