High Speed Dental Handpiece With Coupling

Titanium handles are ergonomically designed for a more comfortable feel. Quick connector design, more flexible and convenient.

Product Details

The Dr.Super dental handpiece hygiene head, anti-retraction design, push button, light body, better cooling effect of the three pot spray, and the most important quick-connect design make the whole operation process more comfortable.

High Speed Dental Handpiece With Coupling

----This dental handpiece head uses a sanitary head, with anti-retraction function. Cartridge consist of dust cover, avoid cross injection and extend lifespan of the handpiece

----Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic grip makes medical staff easier to operate

----Original bearing from Japan nsk, high tensile ceramic material and wear resisting

----Triple spray has better cooling effect and makes patients more comfortable

Product Specification

Operation Air Pressure

0.2-0.25MPa(0.22MPa preferred)

Rotor Speed


Grip Power


Water Pressure

0.2Mpa ( 2Kgf)

Water flow





Triple spray


Cartridge replacement

(1)Put a test bar into the cartridge (a test bar included), dismantle the push button cap with wrench by anticlockwise rotation.

(2)Push the test bar in the direction of the cartridge.

Installation of a new cartridge

(1)After dismantle the push button cap, pull out the old cartridge and put in the new cartridge.

(2)Align the push button cap to the thread on head with hand gently and use the wrench to fasten it tightly.

Dental Handpiece Routine Maintenance

Failure 1: Bad water supply

(1) Insufficient water supply.

(2) The amount of water is not uniform.

(3) The water supply will not be thinned.

(4) There is no water at all.

Solution: Check the location of water blockage

(1) Pipeline: Remove the turbine handpiece and check if there is a proper amount of water in the pipe. If no water flows out, it may be a problem with the water supply system of the water pipe or the integrated treatment station (poor contact or misoperation, insufficient water pressure at the source).

(2) Interface: Test interface connection wires. If you don't get the right amount of water, this is an interface problem (scale, etc., clogging the water supply system or loose connectors, resulting in insufficient pressure).

(3) Handpiece body: After removing the shaft from the turbine, install the interface for operation. If there is not a proper amount of water flowing out, there is a problem in the turbine body (the water supply hole is blocked by dust or the water supply system in the turbine is blocked).


Warranty Terms

Within six months from the effective invoice date, the company shall be responsible for the problems of its products due to material or manufacturing and provide quality assurance. Other case of damages during the warranty period will not be covered by this quality assurance.

Quality Policy and after-sales Service Statement

Our products are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures before ex-factory, but please note: improper use or non-use of parts and components recommended by the company or non-approved modifications of the products may shorten and endanger the products.

Therefore we recommend you: if you have any questions about our products, please bring the products you bought and purchasing documents to negotiate with our company or our authorized distributor.


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