Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

Our Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit can plug into your smartphone, in a short time can witness the process of whitening teeth, simple operation, not limited by time and place, do not have to dedicated to the valuable time, Whiten your teeth anytime and anywhere in your normal working life.

Product Description

Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

As we age, our teeth naturally turn yellow, while coffee, tea and red wine stain our teeth. But thankfully, there are many ways to illuminate our smiles without resorting to expensive dental procedures. Instead, choosing a set of teeth whitening kit will give you a brighter, whiter smile and ease the removal of stubborn stains. Our key ingredients ensure that no pain or sensitivity is generated throughout the process, while providing whiter results for up to 8 tones of teeth.

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Product Advantage

1. Food-grade and simply operated thermoplastic tooth tray, perfectly shaped to fit the shape of the tooth, better applied to teeth with white gel, making teeth whitening simple, comfortable and efficient


2. 0.1% - 44% Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide or no peroxide ingredients can be selected, these are highly effective tooth whitening ingredients, according to different populations and market needs, select the right ingredients as your product.

Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

25 minutes per time a day, during the time you can check your mailbox, update your Facebook, read, even exercise, and so on, do not affect your normal life and work. you can anytime, anywhere, conveniently whiten your teeth. The most important thing is the result can be seen in a short time.

Such a good product market, you can also participate, we support product customization, specifications, labels, packaging, a series of product design, you will be satisfied with your decision.

Product Specifications

kit include53pcs × 3ml Peroxide or Non Peroxide gel
(if need, can match 1 pcs desensititive gel with 3 pcs whitening gel)
1pc × Mouth Tray Light with phone output
1pc × Mouth Tray Box
1× User's Manual
1× Sheet Guide
PackagePrivate Lable & OEM service
Fashionable and beautiful different color box with MOQ 1000sets,
no extra charge
Dosage1-2 times one day 16 mins per time.
7 days is a whitening cycle.

Smart Phone Teeth Whitening Kit

We are a manufacturer of teeth whitening products, producing teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening pens, charcoal teeth whitening powder, professional dentists use various office teeth whitening kits or at home teeth whitening kits, and of course teeth whitening machine.


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