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Impression Kit

Wholesale Smile Find Teeth Impression Kit

Dental impression material putty is used to make molds and casts that help creating dental models, braces and reconstructions. Our dental impression material putty is the most economical and easiest to use option and often chosen for when elevated temperatures are not involved.  Besides, this dental impressions material capture the tiniest details of the surface and are often biodegradable making them environmentally friendly.

In case you are looking for a suitable dental impression material putty wholesale supplier, please let us know. Our professional sales team are happy to advise you making the right choice for your application, keeping in mind the patient, process and end result.

Product Details

Wholesale Smile Find Teeth Impression Kit

Wholesale Smile Find Teeth Impression Kit

Our High Quality Dental Impression Material Putty are utilized to make important molds which are also valuable in forensic science for teeth used during dental diagnosis as well as treatment. Some dental experts as well as oral research laboratory aides call them dental impression materials. Frequently, dentists utilize dental impression material putty to make molds in their offices, yet they may also need to go to their customers or people with special treatment. Due to the fact that the dental impression making device that is matched with the dental impression putty is portable, there is no problem for the dentist who need to visit  the patients.

Product Specification

Working time: Putty-1 min. And 30sec. Wash-1 min.
Consolidation time:Putty-<4 min. Wash-5 min.
Mixing time:45sec.
Max. Compressive deformation:<1.0%
Recovery of elasticity: >99.0%
Max. Dimensional change: After 24h within 0.3% and after 336h within 0.3%.


1. Good stability

Stable chemical properties, it is not easy to chemically react with substances other than the catalyst.

2. Best flexibility and High tear resistance

This describes the way the dental impression material putty behaves and removed from the mouth. For best results, the elasticity of the dental impression material putty should be such that it stretches and returns to its original shape. If the dental material putty stretches beyond its elastic ability without returning to its original shape, this is a good chance that the impression will be distorted. The tear strength of the dental impression material putty is the ability to stretch and stretch and then return to its original shape without tearing. Several factors affecting the tear strength, including natural undercut, depth of the infraorbital margin, number of bleeding, sharp edges on preparation, and toughness increase the preparation material to remove the required resistance.

3. Excellent Hydrophilic

Reference material affinity water, hydrophilicity significantly affects its response oral and its ability to accurately record the mouth surface detail. If the dental impression material putty is hydrophilic, it has high affinity moisture. Its good surface wetting properties allow high surface detail.

3. Long term storage

Due to dental impression material putty stable chemical nature, it can be stored in a cool place for 2 years and longer.

4.OEM service

Customize packaging and technical data according to customer requirements, or our designers can make art design packaging according to customer requirements.

Using Steps

Step 1: Get the impression trays and stand in front of a mirror.

Step 2: Open the set of putty, both white and color.

Step 3: Ensure that your hands are clean to prevent dust or dirt from contacting with the putty.

Step 4: Use fingers to knead the dental impression material putty till to an uniform color within 45s or less.

Step 5: Roll into the shape of log. Load and spread evenly into the upper tray.

Make sure it is filled from edge to edge using fingers. It's better to done this process in 90s .

Step 6: Place the tray over the center of teeth and press gently to the end using fingers. Let it rest for approximately 3 minutes.


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