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 Impression Material

Dental Silicone Impression Material

Dental silicone impression material has good hydrophilicity and strength, accurate impression, not easy to deform, not only suitable for the production of porcelain teeth or removable denture impression, and can fully meet the modern precision restorations, such as all-ceramic crowns, dental implant impressions high precision requirements.

Dental Silicone Impression Material Benefits

Dental Silicone Impression Material

* Extremely smooth.

* Accurate and easy to mix.

* Dimensional stability.

* Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking.

* Excellent wettability

* High Elasticity- tear resistant.

Accurately record all the details of your teeth and provide your teeth most complete details for your personal orthodontics, dentures, whitening and other personal dental customization services.


Product Specification

ColorWhite (Catalyst) and Blue(putty base)
UsageModel Making
Hand mixing time30s(23°C)
Hand working time90s(23°C)
Volume350ML impression dental material kit
Free SampleAvailable for 1 set 20g dental impression materials

Before start your dental impression

When you open the box, you will find trays and dental silicone impression material, and you will put them in the tray. We remind you again, before you begin, make sure you have washed your hands and brush your teeth. Also, if you have any loose teeth, known major cavities or any other obstacles (such as braces in your mouth), do not try to make these impressions.


Why dentists need to take good dental impressions

The dentist should be very careful while ensuring the dental impression. Bad, compressed or pushed impressions prevent accurate and precise dental restorations from being achieved. Poor impression can damage the mold of the teeth and lead to the creation of a dental appliance that is never suitable for the patient. Poor molds and castings due to poor impressions must not be used as a reference and allow the dentist to perform a wide range of other impressions in the future.

If the dentist is making an impression for a forensic investigation, a serious dental impression may lead to the loss of basic evidence. Accurate and accurate impressions are invaluable in connecting suspects, identifying suspects, and matching crime records with information obtained in a laboratory setting. Obtaining good molds from accurate impressions helps dental schools and research institutions study disease processes and rare dentition examples.

Getting accurate impressions is also important for increasing patient convenience and shortening chair time. Calling patients back to the clinic to repeat the process of dental impression has unprecedented consequences. Therefore, doctors should ensure that impressions are used to ensure accuracy before sending them to dental laboratories for dentures or crowns. A good dental impression enhances dental surgery and helps dental clinics increase their profitability.

Please Note

During hot summer months please store your dental silicone impression material in the refrigerator before use.

The dental silicone impression material should be allowed to warm up to room temperature before use.

The dental silicone impression material is a commonly used high grade dental impression material. Material safety data information available on request.

Good Impression

You can see all of your teeth clearly in the impression tray.

You can see a deep outline of your gum above your teeth.

Recommend Together Buy with Light Body Putty

We recommend that you purchase it together with a light body dental impression material, and you can get a dental impression tray for free.

Dental Silicone Impression Material


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