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Teeth Brace Pain Relief Accelerated Invisalign Orthodontics Accelerator

1.Prevent complications after orthodontic surgery.

2.Reduce 81% of soreness after dental braces.
3.Shorten the recovery cycle by more than 30%.Increase muscle flexibility and beautify the face. Effectively reduce the pain and discomfort caused by orthodontics.

Product Specification


high polymer material

Time of usage

20min per day

Power supply

Lithium polymer battery

Output force

0.25N (25g)



Weight - Activator


Dimensions - Activator


Battery life

2 years

Usage Steps

 1.Ensure the port of dental tray matches the host machine port, insert the port of dental tray into the port of host, and ensure the dental tray fits the host machine port perfectly.

 2.Press the power on/ off button and power indicator light will turn blue, which indicates the successful connection with power supply within 3-5 seconds

 3.Press the on/ off button of vibrator after connecting to the power supply, the indicator light turns green and the host machine starts to vibrate.

 4.Put the dental tray into the mouth and bite it gently with teeth.

 5.It is recommended to use the dental tray for once or twice one day ,according to personal circumstances or doctors’s advise. Appropriately reduce or increase the length of time, if the host needs to pause or terminate when it is working, you need to press the on/ off button of vibrator to turn off the power.

6.Remove the dental tray from the host machine. Press the power on/ off button, turn off the host power, rinse the dental tray with the flowing clean cool and ventilated place to dry up( pay attention to the host machine do not touch the water)


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