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CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

1%-45% CP (carbamide peroxide)  Salon Teeth Whitening Kit With Pen

Achieve a radiant, confident smile with our comprehensive salon-quality teeth whitening packages. This all-inclusive kit includes everything a professional teeth whitening salon needs to give clients a teeth whitening experience. 

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Product Description

Discover the next level of teeth-whitening excellence with our Customizable CP Salon Teeth Whitening Kit featuring a Gel Pen. This kit is designed for salons and spas seeking a versatile and comprehensive solution to expand their professional teeth-whitening services. With customizable carbamide peroxide concentrations ranging from 1% to 44%, this kit caters to individual preferences, offering a personalized approach to achieving radiant smiles.

CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

Key Benefits:

 √ Tailored Carbamide Peroxide Options:

Customizable CP Concentrations: Choose from a range of 1% to 44% carbamide peroxide concentrations, allowing for personalized teeth-whitening experiences.

Recommended Concentrations: While customization is available, we recommend the popular and effective 35% CP concentrations for optimal results.

√ Comprehensive Whitening Kit: 

The kit includes a variety of products to support the entire teeth-whitening process, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for both practitioners and clients.

 √ Ideal for Salons and Spas: 

Crafted specifically for non-dental settings like salons and spas, this kit brings the power of professional teeth-whitening to a broader audience.

 √ Carbamide Peroxide Excellence:

Proven Whitening Ingredient: Carbamide peroxide is a widely recognized and effective teeth-whitening ingredient, ensuring remarkable results. Trusted and recommended by many dental professionals, making it a top choice for quality teeth-whitening.

Product Specification

CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen More Detail
Private label serviceCan be customized your own package
Shade guide improvedAt least improve patients 5-10 tooth shade guide
UsageUsed with professional teeth whitening lamp
Active Result onRemove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink.
Active Ingredient1-44% Carbamide Peroxide

CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

ntents:1pc bib
1pc cheek retractor
2pc 2ml teeth whitening gel pen
1pc face protective mask
2pc VE swab
1pc 2ml Whitening accelerator spray
2pcs finger wipe
1pc paper shade guide

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CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

Zero-Peroxide Salon Teeth Whitening Kit With Syringe Gel

CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

CP Salon Teeth Whitening kit With Gel Pen

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