Private Label Best Home Luxury Gel Pen Teeth Whitening LED Kits

Best Home Luxury Wireless Logo Private Label Gel Pen Teeth Whitening LED Kits customized different packaging, customized personal label, customized teeth whitening gel with different concentrations according to different needs.

Product Specification

Input power4.5-5.3V DC
Input currency1-3A
Battery capacity200mA
Working voltage3.7-4.2V DC
Charging time1H-1.5H
Continuously working timeAbout 150-200m, 10m/time, could use 15-20times once fully charged
LED bulbs power0.06-0.1Wx20pcs
Color of UV lightBlue
LED Direct voltage3.2-3.4v(IF=30mA)
Gel0-45% HP/CP, no proxide/PAP
On/off Switch typeTouch

Luxury Gel Pen Teeth Whitening LED Kits

Main Feature

1. UV Light:

· Touch button with high-tech,just like smartphone, you can turn it with light touch. Waterproof function can extend life of circuit board than common led.

· Designed by Japan designer, inspired from pebbles, simple and extreme, thin and light apple mouse thickness.

· Injection-molded ABS shell material with cobblestone luster, matched with designer’s concept.

· Wireless hand-free led with type-c interface, bring your mouth same feeling as ear with air pod wireless headphones, plus 10 minutes timer function, you can do anything without worry.

· Upper tray with ergonomico groove design, bring 95% compactness between teeth and gel.

· Tray with resistance line design, prevent gel slipping.

· LED with 20pcs germany imported bulbs, can white 20pcs tooth. Sufficient light can accelerate the full decomposition of gel active factor.


2. Gel in kit:

· American FDA register formula, with AOP & ACP added, no sensitivity and whiten teeth doubly.

· Gel with high purity and perfect thickness, which ensures gel highly adhesive on teeth and not easy to flow.

· Deep whiten teeth 3mm under teeth surface, lasting care of teeth.

· Mild ingredients, no-irritation, only whiten teeth, no damage


3. Entire production is proceed strictly in accordance with FDA and CE standard,  all the package tubes etc are strictly sterilized before forwarding to our GMP workshop, and all the gel filling and storage is under strictly temperature, humility control.

Private Label Best Home Luxury Gel Pen Teeth Whitening LED Kits

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