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Composite Warmer

When the Composite Warmer is used to heat the resin material to a certain temperature, the fluidity and plasticity of the resin material are increased. This composite warmer can heat many types of resin materials.

Product Description

Composite warmer is designed to heat the composite resin material to improve the flow performance when it is bonded; it can also be used to heat manual equipment used for bonding.

Composite Warmer

The unheated resin is relatively hard, and in actual operation, it is not easy to combine with the tooth. The heated resin has good extension and fluidity, and it is not easy to appear small bubbles, which affects the appearance.


Using precision circuit control, imported high-quality heating tube, can adjust any integer temperature between 40 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius according to the heating material


Keep the temperature tolerance within±1℃.


The benefits and principles of resin heating: heating the composite resin to a suitable temperature makes the material more fluid and reduces the internal stress during the resin extrusion and the layered curing stage. Using this technology reduces the risk of separation between the resin matrix and the filler, improves the biomechanical properties of the composite resin, and avoids bubbles generated during stacking. The resin is stably set and heated to 50°C to obtain a composite resin with better fluidity for cementation.


Daily cleaning


When cleaning the heater daily, disconnect the power supply and wait for the heater temperature to drop to room temperature. Use an alcohol cotton ball to scrub and disinfect.


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