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Mobile Dental Cart Unit

The Mobile Dental Cart Unit is a dedicated dental instrument that can be integrated and integrated into our mobile cart through a foot pedal to control them, thereby eliminating confusion and confusion in the work area.

Product Specification

Dental air compressor1 set
Saliva ejector1 set
3- way air / water syringe1 set
High speed air turbine handpeice tube1 set
Low speed air turbine handpiece tube1 set
600 ml clean water bottle1 set
12L air tank1 set
Foot pedel1 set
LED light1 set
600 ml waste water bottle1 set
Net/Gross weight47KG/67KG

Mobile Dental Cart Unit


The utility management of the mobile dental delivery device can be accomplished through the wall junction box on the side of the room or the floor junction box under the front of the dental chair. In this way, the cart can be moved to the corner of the room and then used for treatment after the patient is completely lying down.


In a simple system, the operation is very quiet and the suction is strong. These units have an internal air compressor, a vacuum system and a clean water supply, and only need a standard electrical outlet to operate. Easily place it in the ideal location without having to dig concrete or worry about special plumbing and landlord approval.


The rear dental delivery device of the mobile dental cart unit can provide services for dentists and assistants. A fully functional mobile dental treatment cabinet or dental assistant cart can meet the requirements of a single operator or flexibility. The mobile dental cart unit cart delivery system provides a modern and flexible dental operation layout that can be more easily adapted to patients, treatment procedures and your dental team than the outdated bulky fixed dental cabinets. The modular design of our dental transporter can be more cost-effective than traditional dental cabinets and provide more time-saving procedures.


1. Steady natural appearance design

2. Flexible and convenient trolley, whatever angle can be located

3. Multiple safe design to ensure the safety of the patients and doctors.


Bottle Water and tap water supply available. 


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