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Folding Portable Dental Chair

Folding Portable Dental Chair continuously improved its equipment through feedback from the market, changing the original halogen lighting to LED lighting for doctors, and improving the length and width of folding portable dental chair according to human engineering mechanics. Added tray and waste container to folding portable dental chair to increase doctor-friendly. Folding portable dental chair is fully assembled without screws and screwdrivers, easy to install, and more stable, suitable for dental treatment, blood transfusion, rest, etc.

Product Description

Folding Portable Dental Chair

Folding Portable Dental Chair

1. A satisfactory folding portable dental chair must be weighing and lightweight, easily folded into the most convenient size, easy to transport back and forth, the outer packaging needs to be strong and suitable for drag.

2. A folding portable dental chair needs to be easy for doctors to operate, easy to install and accessible for both lights and medical pallets, especially during surgery. 

3. A folding portable dental chair needs a thin, narrow back support and can be adjusted at an angle of 100-175 degrees, making it easier to operate at different angles. 

4. A folding portable dental chair should have a comfortable head rest place for patients to fix the head, with good head support, making it easier for doctors to operate.

Technical Data

Height of seat surface above ground: 240~640(mm)

Range of back rest angle: 100° ~175°

Loading capacity: Compliant with YY/T0058 standard for dental patient (135kg)

Illumination: LED projection, AC-DC chargeable light illumination

Power Supply: 110VAC~240VAC, 50Hz~60Hz

Duration of service: 18h (weak) or 9h (strong), reusable after charging

Packing List

1set Operation Light;

1set Instrument Tray;

1set Front/rear chair feet and cushion frame;

1set Headrest;

1pc 6" reversible screwdriver;

1pc 17/14mmhexegonal wrench;

1set Right/left armrest;

1pc English Operation Manual;

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Folding Portable Dental Chair


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